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Post by Elric Royse on Wed Sep 21, 2016 11:57 pm

Thank you all for becoming members of the OTAT and taking part in the group discussion. As you already know, the forums are necessary for the purpose of discussing ways of improving the community, online and offline warfare tactics, activism, and other related topics. Remember that it's important to assist new members who have any questions concerning the OTAT or wish to become members. A lot of the times I am too busy to get involved in topics, so it's important that members study the site through and through to answer any questions newbies might ask about the Order.

Also I should remind members the rules of this forum:

* Promoting Illegal activity of any sort will not be discussed, including physical violence (unless it's defense), murder, terrorism etc.. Anyone promoting such matters will be banned from the group.
* Drug related topics will be prohibited. Know that the enemy promotes drugs to further dumb us down, including pot which many consider a 'safe drug'. Leave the drugs for the ghettos and degenerates, focus on self-improvement. Anyone encouraging drugs will be banned.
* Insulting or attacking to other members will not be tolerated on the forums. All members should respect each other as a team and work together respectfully.

The forums will be monitored by the moderators in case of the above or if misinformation is constantly being posted. We are wary of infiltrators that may try to mislead members and/or corrupt the organization, specifically Jewish spies. If anyone has suspicion of a specific person on the forum, please report to me with an adequate reason or proof that the individual infiltrating.

Members should be cautious of spreading private information on the forums for obvious reasons. Not solely because of infiltrators and agents, but also due to political rivals who will fake their way into the groups. If members want to get know each other individually, then I recommend you do it via private message. Still be aware of any infiltrators who may try to deceive or harm individuals of the community.

Before closing, I'd like to mention that there is also a chat group on kik, regarding lesser and unimportant discussions, specifically for those who are interested in having friendly chats with other members. Message me stating that you want to join the group chat and I'll add you as soon as I receive the request. Kik name: Templars_Order
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