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Working for the community

Post by Elric Royse on Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:36 pm

Members can begin their duties by recruiting and/or conducting separate Templar accounts on social media until further warfare rituals are instructed. Twitter is useful for recruitment, as well as spreading information by posting webpages and articles from the site. Start introducing the website online to grab attention from other racialists/nationalists who may be interested in joining. Try to make the community familiarized as much as possible. A few pages on the site are useful for online warfare also, such as providing facts and informative sources debunking enemy propaganda. Although there isn't very much information for this purpose, expect more to be coming.

Warfare Rituals will be posted very soon. It is important that we all participate in doing this. The more members partake in warfare, the more strength we have in the numbers; and the more the energy adds up to the working. Jews are in panic and getting more desperate due to the rise nationalism in Europe and awareness being spread amongst Gentiles, regarding the Jewish problem. This is great but we must not underestimate the Jews. They are still in power and coming up with more strategies in bringing us down. This means that we have to keep hitting them until they reach defeat. Remember that they are working day and night in doing the same. Thus spiritual and non-spiritual warfare must be constant until we reach our end.

In addition to the above, there will also be an OTAT YouTube channel for further online warfare. If anyone is familiar with video making, it'd be nice if we can get your assistance on this. Message me on kik (Templars_Order) or email ( to get in contact with me on the subject.
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