What exactly is a Master?

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What exactly is a Master?

Post by Elric Royse on Tue Sep 27, 2016 11:17 pm

I'd like to clarify the ranks and positions of the OTAT. As I've stated in the "Becoming a Member" page, there will be a leader for each nation who are specifically called Masters. Masters have higher duties and responsibilities than other members of the organization. Their main job is to lead members of their nation as well as provide orders and such, which is further explained below. However, this position will be offered to those who are actively putting in work for the OTAT and who've become a great help with the community. This includes members who take part warfare, activism, recruiting, etc.. Therefore, your position will be judged on your work for OTAT, and how well you do in leadership.

If anyone who is interested in becoming a Master, please inform me via email. And from there I will observe your work and assistance with the community to see if you earned a higher rank. Though I must say that there can only be one Master for each nation. So if you truly want this opportunity, I advise you let me know before the position is taken. If you have any question on the matter, again please email me and I'll get back you as soon as possible.

Duties of a Master consist of:
* Providing duties for members of your nation, on or offline
* Translating website and articles. Specifically of your country's official language, if not English.
* Leading group ceremonies and rites
* In charge of online and offline activism
* In charge of meetings and assemblies
* Conducting sermons and articles
* The right to ban and remove individuals from the group.

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