The Initiation

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The Initiation

Post by Elric Royse on Sun Oct 02, 2016 8:01 am

The initiation ritual is now posted on the site. Keep in mind that this is for r members who are serious joining the order and making a full commitment. If you are having any doubts or hesitation about joining, then it's best not to perform the ritual.

Initiation Ritual

The initiation ritual is intended to welcome members who fully want to commit themselves to the Order. It is a new beginning of the life as a Knights Templar and a welcoming into the knighthood. Not only is this a dedication to the Order, but to the gods as well; as you are swearing a spiritual oath to Baphomet in the first part of the ritual. The second section of the ritual is an oath to the to the fallen knights. The third part is an oath to the Order, swearing that you’ll remain a member till the end.

In the Middle Ages, the initiation was done by both the Grandmaster and Master, though understanding that it’s difficult for most to travel in order to see a master, it is not necessary. The initiation ritual can be performed by yourself or in a group. If a Master is present at the ceremony, then it is his/her duty to conduct the initiation for you and recite the lines. Normally the would ask members who are present if there are any objections. And of course they’ll be given the opportunity to ask questions. Then, the Grandmaster would have you acknowledge the difficulties and challenges of being a Templar Knight. After the ritual you’d be given a pendant and swear to always keep it.

The ritual is best performed during a New Moon, signifying the time initiation and new beginning. It is important that you do not perform this ritual on the Void of Course Moon, which is most likely to result obstacles and failures as a member in the Order. The initiation must be done during night hours where the left side of brain is more active and provides the proper energies for rituals. To view a planetary chart, see:

Make sure you have your items and ritual tools prepared, which are listed in the main ritual page:
If you don’t have all the equipment that is listed, what’s important is that you at least have a black or red candle, a silver bowl, incense, and a silver bell. If you’re not able to have any of the above, then you can perform it in your astral temple, which is much more simpler and you don’t have to worry about containing any items.

After the initiation you will be given a Templar pendant, confirming that you are now a member of the order. I will soon be sending out the necklaces to initiated members for free. It merely an indication that you are a member of the Order, as explained above.

*Note that it’s best to write the prayer before starting the ritual.*

The Ritual

• Ring bell counterclockwise

• Invoke the four Gnostic Deities, directing your sword in each direction while chanting the names

East – Lucifer

West – Sophia

North – Abraxas

South – Baphomet

• Recite prayer

Summoning Baphomet:

In Nominee dei Nostre Baphometis, Luciferi Excelsi
In the name of Baphomet, God of the Templars, Lord of Light and Dark, Ruler of the Earth, I summon you forth and proclaim myself as a Templar warrior of the Red Cross. Accept me as your loyal servant and worthy disciple, greet me as your brother/sister and friend. For I shall never betray the Order that is forever governed by thee.

O Mighty Baphomet, Guide me to wisdom and eternal truth, deliver me from delusion and the false. Teach me the ways of old and may sacred knowledge be given unto me. Let the serpent provide the fruit that grants me enlightenment and Godly insight. Allow me to walk the path of a God and proceed the final transformation. No longer shall I reside in merely the lesser, material plane of existence.
O Mighty One, acknowledge my declaration and statement of this spiritual initiation. Accept my welcoming into the Aryan Divine Order. For I Shall forever abide in your service, with honor and glory, and eternal praise be given to thee forever and ever.

*Ring bell three times*

Invocation to the Fallen Templars:

I now call upon the Templars of the spirit world, Fallen Warriors of the Red Cross, hear me as I announce my dedication to the Templar Aryan knighthood. I promise to strive and continue with the mission that was intended by the Order. I promise to avenge the death of Grandmaster Molay and work to defeat the Jewish enemy. I promise to smite the false religion of Abraham that was responsible for thy murder and execution. For we shall rise, to destroy the cult of Jehovah and prevail the final war. Shall victory be ours, and forever shall victory be complete.

(Make an oath hand gesture)

I swear to forever stay loyal and devoted to the Order

I swear to forever stay dedicated to the great Aeons of the heavens

I swear to fight until the end, regardless of the hardships and struggles that I encounter

I swear to discipline myself to become a better warrior and knight

I, (name), am now and will forever be a proud and worthy member of the Order, until my final death or the Orders fall has occurred
Hail Baphomet!

Hail Lucifer!

Hail Sophia!

Hail Abraxas!

So mote it be

• Burn the paper

• Drink from Chalice

• Ring bell clockwise

• Meditate on Red Cross
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