Upcoming Warfare Ritual

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Upcoming Warfare Ritual

Post by Elric Royse on Wed Oct 05, 2016 5:08 pm

A Spiritual Warfare ritual will be done this Saturday, Oct. 8. All members of the community are expected to perform this working in order for it to have a good impact. As I stated, the more members we have participating, the more energy will be added to the working. Thus it is important that we have strength in numbers.

The ritual that's going to be performed is aimed in destroying the Jewish race. As I mentioned, the Jews have been attacking us not only by physical means, but on a spiritual level as well. They had taken advantage of our Ancient Spiritual methods and used it against Aryan Gentiles. Which is why we must take back what's ours and demolish our Jewish enemy in our original, and most effective and powerful ways. Not to mention, spiritual combat is the only tactic that we can truly rely on in order to defeat them.

Why Saturday? Because it is the day of Saturn which is known to rule over suffering, misery, loss, death, disease etc.. Therefore Saturns energies are beneficial for spiritual warfare via black arts. It's even better if you can perform the working on the hour of Saturn as well, when its energies are properly aligned. Included in the ritual is a Saturn mantra that is chanted in Latin, "Saturnus". Saturnus is also the name of a Roman God of curses, death, magic etc; for the reason that he is ruled over the mentioned planet and hence associated with Saturns rulerships.

Make sure that you recite the prayer with intent and conviction to amplify your energies. The prayer and affirmations are useless without adding any emotion and concentration into it. Therefore you need to strengthen the working with the power of the mind, not just the words itself.

Jewish Destruction Ritual:
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