Muslim Migrant Invasion into Western Europe - Europe is no longer Europe

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Muslim Migrant Invasion into Western Europe - Europe is no longer Europe

Post by Amée Magdaleno on Sat Oct 22, 2016 5:05 pm

As we've all probably heard, Muslims are taking over Western Europe. They are making the streets, schools, and everything else dangerous. There have been, and continue to be, many reports on how Europeans have been raped, beaten, threatened, and just plain abused by these savage Migrants. The sad part is that nobody is doing anything about these vicious, sickening attacks. According to the article that I will post at the end of this page by Ralph Sidway, Europe will not be Europe by the year 2020. Which is a scary thing to think deeply about, because the year 2020 is basically only 3 years away. He posts a BUNCH of articles on his post in which are mentioned attacks caused by Monkey Migrants. Take your time to look through each article, to give yourself the knowledge and awareness to the dangerous Muslims that we are up against. Never trust or turn your back on a Migrant, always prepare yourself for the worst, and keep away from them if possible. Especially women, do not trust any Muslim coward (man) as he will take advantage and rape you. Don't let your children have Muslim friends because they won't be safe, and we need to do all we can in order to keep them out of the US. Or this too will not be the US that we remember.

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