The Second Destruction Ritual

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The Second Destruction Ritual

Post by Elric Royse on Wed Oct 12, 2016 3:43 pm

There will be another destruction ritual this upcoming Saturday on Oct. 15. The same one will be performed, except blood use will be involved to empower the ritual. You are to write the prayer and then draw the Saturn sigil on the paper under the invocation. After you recite the prayer, add the drops of blood onto the sigil and affirm the the mantra and affirmations. Concentrate the energies onto the sigil while visualizing the destruction of the Jewish race. Once you are finished, burn the paper in your altar bowl and allow it to access the astral.

Blood contains a high amount of life force which is largely effective in rituals and spell work. However, it is not merely the blood that is the power source, but the strong energy that it contains when flowing internally of oneself. So it is best to concentrate the energy right when you drop the blood to maintain it on to the sigil. Waiting seconds after the blood drop can cause the energy to dissipate quickly.

Again, make sure the ritual isn't perform during the Void of Course Moon. You can check when the VOC is going to occur here after you insert your location at the top of the page. Also as another reminder, if you don't have the privacy or the ability to perform this ritual, you can always conduct it in your astral temple.
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