Offering to Sophia

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Offering to Sophia

Post by Elric Royse on Sun Oct 23, 2016 9:15 am

We will be performing an offering to the Gnostic Goddess Sophia this upcoming Monday, Oct. 25th. Monday is the day of the Moon which rules over feminine energies. Sophia is associates with the divine feminine and female serpent power. Thus Monday is the day of Sophia, who rules over the Moon. The offering will be sexual energy, for the reason that the sex life force is of the water element, which is feminine in nature. Sexual energies are largely strong when orgasm is obtained and concentrated. The stronger the orgasm, the stronger the energy.

The main items you need are:

• Purple or White candle
• Silver bell
• Feminine incense
• Burning bowl
• Sigil of Sophia
• Dress all black or wear Templar robe


• Ring bell turning counterclockwise
• Get in a meditative state and ask Sophia to take the offering of sexual energy.
• Begin to Masterbate while visualizing the sigil lighting up with sexual energy. Note that masterbation can be hand free; which some find it much easier to produce orgasm this way. Just make sure that you fantasize vividly to make it effective.
• Once you have reach climax, charge your sexual fluids and direct it onto the sigil. For females, imagine directing all of your energy onto the sigil instead.
• Once you have completed the above, burn the paper and meditate on Sophia's sigil.
• Close the ritual, ringing the bell clockwise.
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